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Shows with former students


Based on the short story by Mikhail BULGAKOV, composed by Alexander RASTAKOV, directed by Simon MC BURNEY (1980-1982) with the participation of Carlos Garcia ESTEVEZ (1997-1999), Marcelo MAGNI (1980-1982), Toby SEDGWICK (1974-1976), Max WEBSTER (2005-2006).

The surgeon Filip Filipovitsj Preobrasjenski is experimenting with organ transplants to see if he can make his patients young again. He takes the pituitary gland of an alcoholic criminal and transplants it into a dog called Sjarik, a common street mongrel. The animal is transformed into a man-like creature named Sjarikov. His first words are appallingly coarse. The experiment has become the talk of the town. All Sjarikov wants is to be a normal human being. Nonetheless, he attempts to rape a woman and people think that he should be executed. The scientist has a nightmare in which he sees himself called to account before a tribunal of academics: Sjarikov has been chasing cats — a metaphor for intellectuals and members of the opposition, in contrast with the academics of Preobrasjenski's nightmare, all supporters of the (Soviet) regime. Although Sjarikov has got a job and seems a normal person, he now has to tell his fiancée the truth; this depresses him deeply and he goes away. The situation becomes even more untenable after the arrival of the Big Boss and Preobrasjenski decides to destroy his creation. Sjarikov arrives to claim the surgeon’s apartment, but is seized and operated on for the second time.

November 20, 22, 24, 26, 30 & December 2 at 7.30pm, December 4 at 6.30pm

At The London Coliseum, St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4ES

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Written by Dean GILMOUR, Michele SMITh, Adam PAOLOZZA and Ravi JAIN (2004-2006), featuring Adam PAOLOZZA and Ravi JAIN

An absurd account of falling off the corporate ladder.
Created by Michele Smith, Dean Gilmour, Ravi Jain and Adam Paolozza. Don’t miss this tour de force team made up of two hot young emerging artists and two seasoned veterans of Canadian theatre who bring you the funniest and most topical show of the season. Spent brings together two generations of Canada’s most exciting independent theatre artists in this hysterical new clown and bouffon inspired show.

From October 29 to November 28, 2010

Factory Studio Theatre

125 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2R2, Canada

For Info and Reservation send a mail to Factory Studio Theatre.