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Christophe MARTHALER (1970-1972 season) is awarded The International Ibsen Award 2018


MASTERCLASS JOS HOUBEN 14-15 April 2018 & 12-13 May 2018

The aim of these masterclasses is to provoke, inspire the actor in his creative

search for physical comedy by confronting it with music or objects and, by extension, with scenography.




From the repetitive patterns and phase-shifts of Reich to the imaginary language of Aperghis,

via the sonic objects of Schaeffer all the way to the theatricality of Kagel.

Scott Joplin, Django Reinhardt, the music of Jacques Tati and of cartoons: how can these

musical languages full of syncopation and counterpoint propagate themselves to the body

of the actor and help him/her invent and construct movements full of surprises, mistakes, off-beats…

Also , how can music help us in our research of movement that is absolutely comical and yet

totally abstract and pure… 



Which objects make us laugh?

Why is the potato, with its irregular and incongruous, sometimes anthropomorphic forms funnier

than the orange with its monochrome and circular perfection?

Rubber makes us wobble, yet iron wire, even totally contorted, keep its stern seriousness.

Mayonnaise spilt on the tie of a three piece suit is more ridiculous then the infamous stain of red wine..

A soap bubble bursting is more tragic then the blobs of the boiling tomato sauce and its promise

of impending disaster that makes us smile in anticipation..


Which objects and materials threaten us in our dignity, render us ridiculous, make us tumble down from our heroic pedestals of pride and status..


What about scenic objects: infinitely spinning turnstiles, slippery surfaces, sliding slopes,

that combine together in a scenographic structure enabling us to reveal an entirely original

composition of trip-ups and imbalances and falls, the fundamental preconditions for an explosion of universal laughter….


A minimum of two years experience is required.



Send a CV and a photo by post or email: