The Teachers

The team of teachers, all of whom are former students, work in a collegial way as Jacques Lecoq wished. They divide their schedule between the classes they give in the school and their commitment to the theatre world, as an actor, director or playwright. This enables them to stay in touch with contemporary theatre and nourish their teaching ideas and share them with the students.


After intensive practising of martial arts and acrobatics at the National Circus School FRATELLINI, Eric trained at the theatre studio of Asnières and joined the professional Company. Later he attented the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School.

He was an actor in different companies :  with the Jean-Louis Martin-Barbaz company he performed in DOM JUAN, CRISPIN, RIVAL DE SON MAÎTRE and two original plays : A LA COUR DU LION and NOCTURNE URBAIN (Dance-theatre). With the company DE L’EXPLIQUE SONGE, he played in LE CHANT DU DIRE-DIRE by Daniel Danis, stage direction by Valérie Castel-Jordy and BIG SHOOT by Koffi Kwahule, stage direction by Sidney Ali Mehelleb. He worked for several other companies and performed in LA PETITE FILLE DE L’IMMIGRÉE in Tours and DÉMOCRATIE(S) by Harold Pinter at the theatre L’ÉPÉE DE BOIS.

He appears from time to time in short and long films such as TAIS-TOI by Francis Weber, KISS OF THE DRAGON by Chris Nahon, ASTÉRIX ET OBÉLIX CONTRE CÉSAR by Claude Zidi, CHANT D’HIVER by Otar Iosseliani.

Recently, Eric was active in several companies as an artistic collaborator on plays such as L’ÉCHANGE, by P. Claudel, PACAMAMBO, by W. Mouawad - both plays directed by Valérie Castel-Jordy, LA PANTOUFLE by C. Ponti, stage direction : Olivia Machon (2015), MARCEL by Jos Houben and Marcello Magni, LES PETITES GRANDES CHOSES by and with Audrey Lamarque and Daniel Collados (2014-2015), ROMÉO ET JULIETTE, media thriller by the NARCISSE COMPANY (2015).

After Three years of teaching at the Conservatory of Orléans, Eric decided to deepen his knowledge in pedagogy and followed the teacher training course at the Jacques Lecoq School. After completion of this pedagogical year he joined the team of teachers.

Eric is currently working on different projects : BABACAR by Sidney Ali Mehelleb, LES CERISES, clownish duo by Valéry Castel-Jordy.

He regularly collaborates with Lecoq graduates.