The Teachers

The team of teachers, all of whom are former students, work in a collegial way as Jacques Lecoq wished. They divide their schedule between the classes they give in the school and their commitment to the theatre world, as an actor, director or playwright. This enables them to stay in touch with contemporary theatre and nourish their teaching ideas and share them with the students.

Frédéric TELLIER

After having practised classic dance and acrobatics when he was a child and teenager, Frédéric Tellier met with theatre and lyrical song. During a workshop run by Ariane Mnouchkine, he discovered the Commedia dell’Arte masks and the Balinese Topeng.

He completed the 2 year course at the International Theatre school Jacques Lecoq in 1992 and later got passionate for masks and Asiatic stage traditions he had the opportunity to approach at the “Cartoucherie de Vincennes” – ARTA - and in Bali where he regularly practised topeng with Cristina Formaggia and also with I Made Karyana for 15 years.

After his career as a dancer and acrobate at the Paris Opera where he worked with Robert Wilson and Andreï Serban, he created the THÉÂTRE DU LIN – a company crossing various disciplines such as: modern writing and mask, but also instrumental and electroacoustic music, song and theatre of movement and gesture.

He does not intend to specialise in a unique discipline but also works on literature linked to play and strives to share the major founding stories as well as to revisit popular imagery and traditions such as burlesque or music-hall.

Holder of an official diploma for the teaching of drama, he is regularly called on for educational activities. He relies on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq’s school where he completed the 3rd pedagogical year (2017) before joining the team of teachers.

He introduces young actors to masked theatre in workshop situations, either in conservatories or in other education structures, and works to develop awareness, with different partners: Schools, professional training centres, cultural centres, associations.

He also obtained a French comparative literature degree from the Picardie University where he studied Hélène Cixous’ work. She asked him to participate in her seminars at the International College of Philosophy. Frédéric Tellier had several books published by “Editions de l’Amandier” amongst which his diary concerning his learning journey in Asia.