This page gives you access to the memory of the school and is an opportunity to go deeper into the knowledge of the pedagogical basis of Jacques Lecoq. At your disposal : texts by and about Jacques Lecoq, photographs and films.


"Jacques Lecoq at Wilhemsblad Festival", 14'43'', (1971)
"Formation de l'acteur", a film by Antoine Voituriez, ARTE - 3X+, 8'53'', (2009)
"Meeting with Ariane Mnouchkine - Extracts", 21'37'', (1984)
"The Moving Body", ARTE, 12'11'', (1998)
"Meeting with Philippe Avron - Extracts", 23'19'', (1996)
"Creating magic with physical theatre" CNN / 6' / December 2013
"Soirée Minimal à Beaubourg" 2018
"Autour de Jacques Lecoq" 2016