The Teachers

The team of teachers, all of whom are former students, work in a collegial way as Jacques Lecoq wished. They divide their schedule between the classes they give in the school and their commitment to the theatre world, as an actor, director or playwright. This enables them to stay in touch with contemporary theatre and nourish their teaching ideas and share them with the students.


Yasuyo MOCHIZUKI obtained her Human Sciences degree (education and dance department) in Japan and later worked as a mime, clown and dancer.

In 1997, thanks to the financial support of the Japanese government, she came to Paris to follow the 2 year professional course at the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq (1997-1999), and the LEM course (2003 – 2004). Finally she completed the third pedagogical year during the 2015-2016 season and joined the team of teachers the next season.

In parallel, she follows the professional puppeteer training at “Théâtre aux Mains Nues” where she is also teaching since 2015.

Yasuyo is active as a pedagogue since 2006 and runs ateliers and workshops in different countries (France, Japan, Ireland, Great Britain) always related to body, movement and objects.

As an actor and performer she collaborated in various shows of “Complicité” directed by Simon McBurney: The Elephant Vanishes, Shun-kin, Strange Poetry and The Master and Margarita. Under the direction of Alain Olivier: Les Félins maiment bien, and with Beborah Warner: Cailloux, Les anges.

As a puppeteer and stage design assistant she collaborated, amongst others, with Pierre Blaise, “Théâtre Sans Toit” on: Les insectes, La danse de Zadig, Romance dans les graves, Cailloux, Les anges